So Long Summer.. Oh Wait We are in Texas

As back to school and life have me digging myself out of the weeds lately, it dawned on me that we are at the tail end of summer. I honestly cannot believe we are on the cusp of Fall. Well, sorta we do live in Texas, and we may just be on the cusp of extended Summer.  

I thought I'd close out August with a post of my absolutely adorable niece and her watermelon themed cake smash session. Enjoy the cuteness! 

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First Birthday Giggles, Dallas-Fort Worth Childrens Photographer

It's definitely summer here in Texas! But that doesn't mean you can't schedule a fun first birthday session for your little one! When you schedule in the studio, you will also have access to a lovely field across the street that we can take a few quick photos before the sun melts us.  Just look at how adorable this tots session turned out! Book yours today!

Preparing for Your Newborn Session, Beginners Guide

Newborn sessions are one of my absolutely favorite things in life. I believe that newborns are Gods way of reminding us life is precious and magical. 

However, we are dealing with new life, and there are some things to keep in mind. Bring your patience, babies are unexpected, and their feeding schedule can literally change overnight. They get overtired, they fight it and cry because they are tired. But we will listen, and we will soothe them the best we can, and once they are sleeping the magic happens. Here are a few trade secrets to make newborn sessions a bit smoother for everyone. 

Tips and Tricks for Studio or Home Sessions

  • Baby is Boss, Whatever they need, we give them. 
  • Whatever method you choose to feed your baby, be prepared to do so during the session. 
  • The need to soothe, if your baby uses pacifiers to soothe, bring them. If they use your finger, have it ready.  
  • Have diapers and wipes ready, you never know what might happen. 
  • Parents, bring hydration. Newborn sessions are long, and the room will be warm, keep yourself hydrated. 
  • You are more than welcome to bring any special blankets, stuffed animals or love tokens (wedding rings)

Home Sessions

For newborn sessions done in your home, please have a clean space (clutter free) ready near a natural light source. It can be in your room, the baby's room, living room, anywhere there is enough space to shoot and has nice natural lighting. Make sure your home is warm, the warmer baby is, the happier they will be.  
I will bring a couple of my baskets, outfits, and props that are easy to travel with. If you have a newborn pillow or boppy, we will need to use it. If you don't have one, please let me know before the session so that I may bring mine. 

Finally, just relax and enjoy the time with your brand new love. 

Getting Creative with Birthday Sessions, Dallas -Ft. Worth Lifestyle Photography

When it comes to milestone or birthday photos, it seems the sessions are easy when our kiddos are little, but as they get bigger, creativity seems to hit the highway.  Now, before I proceed I don't recommend breaking the law to get a stellar portrait session, but I am always up for something new. 

For this cutie's third birthday photos, his Mama came to me with an idea that I couldn't help but get on board with right away.  Her little man loves all things heavy equipment and dirt related, so she asked about shooting at a construction site.   

We planned for a Sunday, and the photos turned out amazing. Every photo I edited made me smile because of how happy he was to be doing something he loved.  

No one knows your kiddo like you do, so if you have a vision or the start of vision lets work together to bring it to fruition the best we can!  

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites from this cute little construction session.  To book a birthday session for your little visit the about me page.