Mom.. Why don't we have any pictures of me after i turned 1??

Okay so maybe it is a bit of an exaggeration with the advent of camera phones. Most kids nowadays have a photo documenting every day of their existence. I know mine do.  What I'm talking about are professional photographs.  We do them when they're Newborn, wrapping our cute little cherubs up in mohair wraps and posing them in buckets. Siggh, some of my favorites.  We start booking in advance the sugar right of passage that we lovingly call the Cake Smash session.  We giggle at the frosting covered faces and take delight in the mess they create.  Then, well then nothing...  No Terrific Two's, no Thriving Three's  or Fabulous Four's. Nothing until their Senior Graduation Session.  Sure, once they turn Five they get a annual school picture, but when has a school picture showcased the carefree spirit or playful nature of anyone? Ever? Don't get me wrong they do serve a purpose, but why not schedule a birthday session every year? I know schedules get crazier as kids get older, but the fortunate thing about a birthday session is that is the same time every year. Plenty of time to get it on the calendar.  At this point, you may be thinking, well Sarah we know  how to plan for a Newborn or Cake Smash session, but a yearly session?? C'mon..  Why not, your baby doesn't stay a baby long and why not have a beautiful image that you can look back on and remember exactly what they were like at that point in time? Heck, you could even sneak in and take one with them.  Oh yes, you the person always snapping the iPhone could actually be in a non-selfie photo. Sounds magical, doesn't it? Well here are some beautiful images of Sweet McKenzie's session for her upcoming Fabulous Fourth birthday for you to look at while you let the craziness of an annual photo of your precious one set in.  Don't need anymore convincing? Book here! ;)