Something New to Try This Weekend - Perot Museum Dallas

Let's be real, trying to keep your kids from going bonkers on slow weekends and dragging you down with them is no easy task.  Being in Texas provides its own unique challenges, one being you can never count on the weather, so planning ahead can be impossible depending on what month we are in. Which brings me to our current "winter" weather which consists of gorgeous days during the school week and rainy weekends. So if you've already taken care of family photos, the sports on hiatuI and you are looking for something to do. I am here to offer a suggestion to get everyone out of the house rain or shine, possibly enjoy themselves and even learn a thing or two. The Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas is just a short car ride from most places in the DFW Metroplex and is said to be a "world of wonder" by the Dallas Morning News.  Engaging the curiosity of all school-age children and their parents, the museum is a living science collection that will amaze the whole family.  

 There are 11 permanent exhibit halls to choose from and they even have one for the little guys. The Moody Family Children's Museum allows kiddos 5 and younger a place to explore alongside Mom or Dad. 

My favorite is the Discovering Life Hall that teaches us about the different species inhabiting the planet and the many diverse ecosystems.  Learning from interactive games and 3d animations, this is sure to be a favorite among the older kids and parents. 

If those aren't sounding like your cup of tea, there are 9 other halls to choose from! The museum is open from 10 am - 5 pm Monday - Saturday and Noon- 5 pm on Sunday. General Admission is free for tots under 2, $12 for 2-17 and $19 for 18-64, click here for other pricing info.  For directions/parking info and handicap accessibility check the website. 

Hope you enjoy your outing!  Have a great week! Sarah

Tween session shot in Downtown Dallas. 

Tween session shot in Downtown Dallas.