Client Home Lifestyle Session, Dallas-Ft. Worth Family Photography

Are your family photos in need of a serious update, but you are afraid you just don't have the time or the patience to dress the kids, load them up and last through a whole photography session? Not too mention this crazy Texas weather always presents a location challenge. Well, I just might have the answer to your common, very common photography problem. Schedule the session in your home!! Hold on, hold on, before you start freaking out about cleaning the whole house, there is no need for that. Well unless you want me to take photos of the whole house, but the following are some of my favorites taken during a lifestyle portrait session in a client home on their couch. The photos turned out gorgeous and everyone was happy during the session.  Mom and Dad had a little glass of wine to sip on, the kids were playing happily when they weren't needed for pictures and there was even football on in the background. Eazy peasy.  All I need is some nice natural light and space to shoot the photos. Want photos of the kids playing together? Done. Want a fun singing and dancing in the kitchen while making pancakes portriat? Let's do it!  I would love to bring your vision to life.  

Sound like a lifestyle session is just what your family needs? Let's chat!