Toddler Photo Session, Jacksboro Texas

Hey Mommas! How y’all doing out there? I know things are crazy right now. But lemme holla at you for a second. I know that super sweet, super adorable, and super squirrely toddler is giving you a run for your money on the daily. It won’t be that way forever. In a short time, you’ll have a snarky eight year old who thinks you’re the meanest mom ever. Oh but, I digress. My point is don’t let the whirlwind of having an into everything, run here, run there two or three year old stop you from scheduling time to snap some precious photos. Trust me, they’ll brighten your day when they pop up in your memories.

Smile, It’s Picture Time!

My best recommendation for toddler sessions, is schedule a thirty minute time slot and pick somewhere that fits your child’s personality. A word of caution though. If you pick an area next to a playground, prepare for your little to want to go play. It can always make for some cute photos, but if you don’t want a slide in the photo, maybe rethink the location.

Here are few of my favorites from a recent two year old session to show it can be done. These were taken in less than thirty minutes and we ended up with a gallery of super cute photos.

Cheers! Sarah