What to Expect at Your Newborn Photography Session, Baby Photographer, Grapevine Texas

First, can I just say for the millionth time I freakin’ love newborn session. I love babies and I view it as such a gift to photograph them. I know a lot of parents stress themselves out over that first photo session, but I am here to tell you not to. I know that’s hard, but trust me.

The Newborn Session

So here’s the thing, a newborn session is a photo session for a brand new human who has zero experience with the outside world. You can’t expect anything going into it. Sure, we will try to get all those sweet, sleepy photos but sometimes baby has other plans. And that’s okay. We will still get photos that you will cherish forever.

What I need from you is to relax. Pick out some outfits or colors or give me free reign and just chill out. Take it easy, but if baby needs a boob, be ready.

Then let me work. Think of it as an hour or hour and half where you can just sit and be. You can assist if you want, or I can do all the work. That’s what I am here for.

One more tidbit before I go. All babies cry, poop, spit up or pee. That’s what they do, we will handle it and move on. Don’t worry about it.

Now if you ready for some time to just sit and let me take adorable photos of your baby, message me .